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Real World Example

PHASE IV-A: Visual Illusion

Original Image

This was used for a print project. The art work was much larger. It was reduced to work for this online tutorial. Photoshop bicubic image scaling is very good...

Original Logo but not perfect.

This sample lost its snap and vibrancy in the reduction process.

Also the high degree of JPG compression adds to the mushy feel this 16KB image.

Improved Logo Improved Image

This multi-layered Photoshop file has been reworked to enhance its presence without increasing the precious file size.

This file is 1KB smaller.

Base And Rainbow Facade Tweak

The Background Base and the Rainbow Facade have been individually sharpened slightly using the Unsharp Mask. Care was needed here because sharpening usually adds to the file size. The following steps given only as a guide to what I mean by slightly.

  • Click activate the Rainbow Facade layer.
  • Chose Filter > Sharp > Unsharp Mask...
  • Preview: Checked
  • Amount: 35 percent
  • Radius: .7 pixel.
  • Threshold: 1 level.
  • Click activate the Base layer.
  • Chose Filter > Sharp > Unsharp Mask.
  • Preview: Checked
  • Amount: 65 percent
  • Radius: .5 pixel.
  • Threshold: 1 level.

The More Obvious Text Tweak

The more obvious change is in the text. Only a single black intermediate shadow layer was added.

  • Copy the text layer.
  • Colorize it to black by adjusting the Lightness to -100 under Hue/Saturation.
    • Press the Ctrl+"U" keys (keyboard shortcut)
    • Lightness: -100
  • Nudge 1 click up and to the left.

Just these simple changes improved the Logo. The text face looks sharper. It even looks brighter. The Presence and Feel is closer to the printed piece.

Click Next for continuation into Button Shadow and Drop Shadow.

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