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Real World Example

PHASE 3-A: Logo Text

Procedure In Detail

  • Set the Foreground Color to H:184, S:100, and B:100 in the Toolbox.
  • Make the Spectrum Layer active.

  • Select the Type Tool from the Toolbox.

  • Click just inside the bottom left corner of the work image opening the Type Tool Requester as shown to the right.

  • Duplicate the settings as in the sample. The font may be substituted.
Photoshop Text Tool

Your test image should look something like this sample below.
Add Text Photoshop 4.x automatically puts the text on a new layer.

Photoshop 3.x floats the text on the current layer.

Place the text on a new layer.

Separate the two words into two different layers for ease of handling by the following steps:

  • Select The with the Marquee Selection Tool.
  • Press Shift+Ctrl+J keys to cuts and paste The on to a new layer above Style layer (Photoshop 4 Windows technique).

Text elements are now independent. Move the text elements to create a rough composition.

  • Press and hold the Ctrl Key.
  • Click and Drag The to its new position.
  • Click on the Style text layer.
  • Press and hold the Ctrl Key.
  • Click and Drag Style to its new position.

Make the final critical adjustments using the keyboard nudge function. Turn off the Spectrum layer for easier preview.

  • Select the appropriate text layer.
  • Press and hold the Ctrl key.
  • Use the Arrow keys to nudge (move) up, down, or sideways to achieve your final composition.
  • Turn Spectrum back on, if applicable.

Getting Closer
Getting Closer The text position is fine but it needs help. It does not separate from the background making it hard to read.

The following section will make it pop off the page in 3-D.

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