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Real World Example

PHASE II-A: Rainbow Facade Preparation

  1. Duplicate Safeguard
  2. Reduce Contrast
  3. Add Noise
  4. Add Depth
  5. Lighten and...
  6. Colorize

This section will take you from the previously created Under Painting to a Colorized 3D Backboard.

1. Duplicate Safeguard

Duplicate the master image for safety, comparison, and quick access.

Click and drag the background layer to the Create New Layer icon. Layer two becomes the work layer. Create New Layer

2. Reduce Contrast

Image > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast...

  • Contrast set to -31.
Reduce Contrast
3. Add Noise... gives the Filters something to grab and manipulate.
Filter > Noise > Add Noise >
  • Uniform set to 17
Add Noise

4. Add Depth... to help create the illusion of reality. First, set the Foreground Color to black.
Filter > Sketch > Bas Relief >
  • Detail set to 9
  • Smoothness set to 5
  • Light Direction set from Bottom
Add Depth
5. Lighten and... for easy Preview. Eliminate the marching ant Selections outline, add a black background, and do the following:
Image > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast...
  • Brightness set to +16
  • Contrast set to -7

6. Colorize... for realism.

Image > Adjust > Hue / Saturation...

  • Colorize check select
  • Preview check select
  • Hue set at -133
  • Saturation set at 40
  • Lighten unchanged 0, default

This completes the Preparation phase. Next is the Rainbow Facade creation.

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