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Creating A Custom Bevel

Give it presence...

Do it with a Bevel.

Bonus Image

Clip art from Corel.

Bonus Image

Multifaceted Procedure

Part 1: Current Page

I.....Make changes in the Preferences under Units & Rulers
.......and Guides & Grid.

II.....Create a new Photoshop file to precise specifications.
.......and transfer an art work image to that new file.

III....Make changes in the View menu selection.

Part 2: Next Page

IV...Create Five Masks: Save Selection...

V....Use masks to cut parts: Load Selection...

Part 3: Part 3 Page

VI....Add Effects: Apply surface and lighting treatments.

VII...Final Enhancements: Tweak and retouch.

I. Make changes in the Preferences Settings.

  1. Open Preferences (File > Preferences).

    • Units & Rulers: Duplicate the sample settings.
      Bonus Image

    • Guides & Grid: Duplicate the sample settings.
      Bonus Image

II...New File Creation and Image Transfer.

  1. Create a new Photoshop file (File > New...).

    • Name:..........Bevel_Test
    • Width:..........252 pixel
    • Height:........198 pixel
    • Resolution:..72 pixel/inch
    • Mode:..........RGB Color
    • Contents:.....White

  2. Open your art work selection (File > Open...).

  3. Crop the art work to the Bevel_Test proportions.

    • Select the Crop Tool from the Toolbox
    • Turn on Tool Info with Windows > Show Info.
    • Use the Tool Info feedback to Crop the image to W:252 and H: 198. Bonus Image
    • Move the Crop Mark rectangle on the art work to make a good composition.
    • You may even have to reduce the image size to make the crop work with your artwork.
    • Once the right composition is achieved, crop the image.

  4. Transfer the newly cropped image to the Bevel_Test window.

    • Select the entire layer (Ctrl + A).
    • Copy the selection (Ctrl + C).
    • Activate the Bevel_Test window (click on its menu bar).
    • Paste the image into Bevel_Test (Ctrl + V).

III. Make changes to the View Menu Settings.

  1. Go to View Menu and duplicate the settings below.
    Bonus Image Bonus Image Bonus Image

  2. Compare your Bevel_Test with the sample below.

    • The ruler displayed as per Show Ruler option under the View Menu.
    • The yellow grid lines as per Preference setting.
    • The red guidelines has not been created yet.

    Bonus Image Bonus Image

  3. Pull out the red guidelines from the ruler. Use the sample above as a guide.

    • Click and hold the cursor on the left ruler.
    • Drag the cursor into the screen.
    • As soon as the cursor clears the ruler, a red vertical line with follow the cursor tip.
    • The red line will snap to the yellow grid line.
    • Release the mouse on that first grid line.

    • Pull a second guideline from the ruler.
    • Let it snap to the second grid line and release mouse button.
    • Pull two more vertical guideline and place them on the right side repeating the pattern as shown above.

    • Pull out the horizontal guidelines from the top ruler.
    • Position all four horizontal guideline as shown above.

  4. Hide the ruler and the grid using the following steps.

    • Eliminate the ruler (View > Hide Ruler).
    • Eliminate the grid (View > Hide Grid).
    • Hiding the grid eliminates the snap to grid function.

    Bonus Image Bonus Image

Click Next to continue / Part 2

Bonus Image Bonus Image Bonus Image