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Introduction to Microsoft DNA
Is DNA marketing or technology?  
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Before we get much farther, it is important to answer the question, "Is DNA marketing or technology?" because it is a very frequently asked question and one with an important answer.

The implementation of DNA is part technology and part marketing. Essentially, the products consist of a series of technologies wrapped in a flexible methodology and delivery mechanism. The products are tangible, and the power and flexibility they afford the developer to implement the DNA architecture is real.

However, though technology drives DNA, marketing has enlightened and guided its approach. Microsoft, and its partners, have instigated much of the spin on DNA to educate developers, managers and users in the benefits of their 'technothology'.

Examples such as the "Fitch and Mather" and "Dawamish Books" code have been extensively developed, documented and enriched, stage by stage in order to bring about awareness of how to harness the differing Microsoft technologies together in order to construct 'interNet' distributed systems.

What is important is that you don't let yourself get swept away in the Microsoft media propoganda machine.

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