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WebBBS Hacks Archive  

Yummm, feast your brain on all these cool hacks!

  • Shanta's BBS Email Reply Hack

  • BBS script "backwards" - Anyone can read articles and post follwups to them. But if user register and login as a registered user, then the user can post "Cover Stories" to the Journal. Sent in by .
  • More file formats for Web BBS - This hack allows the Web BBS to support other file formats like mp3, etc...

  • Killing the Duplicate Posts Problem on WeBBS Don't you hate when a user hits the submit button more than once and the BBS fills up with duplicate posts? Here is how to solve that problem.

  • Y2K Bug Fix for WebBBS - DOH! The Bug has struck eXtropia. Check out this post if you use WebBBS!

  • BBS-Mailing List Merger - sent in the this hack that combines mailing list script with bbs script Specifically, the hack allows bbs forum users to be automatically sent new postings by email, for one or more forums

  • WebBBS File Attachment Enhancements - sent in this hack which makes file attachments in webBBS work a bit better. He modified the section of code in "CreatePosting" that deals with saving the attachment and has included some of the original code so you should be able to spot where to make the modifications. This change will allow the web server to send the correct MIME type based on the file extension. WARNING: batch files, DLL, FTP script files etc.. are not filtered out and could be posted and would run automatically when a person browsing that message tried to download that attachment.

  • WebBBS Administrator - Have you wanted to have an administrative manager for your BBS so you could easily edit messages, prune the message archives, etc? Well has coded your solution! Click here for the UNIX version. Here for the Windows version.

  • Delete Hack for WebBBS - Here isan excellent WebBBS admin tool.