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WebBBS File Attachment Enhancements  
made the following changes to webCal and sent them in for all to share!!!
  • Modifications to make the ?calendar=file invocation manditory
  • Group field supports "user", "public", "admin"
  • "Admin" user can authorize user registration right from the calendar display authorization changes users group from public to user
  • "Admin" user can list registered users and delete users
  • "Admin" user can modify and delete any calendar entry
  • Public read-only calendar access is available by default without having to register ("public" group)
  • Calendar.setup moved to individual calendar subdirectories
  • Titles change based on calendar type
  • Displays change based on group (admin,public,user currently used)
  • Calendar type is propogated to URL specification directly
  • Calendar day entries now have start/stop times for meetings and room
  • Calendar day displays collapsed to 2 lines for each entry
  • Fixed the 3.0a bug with subject fields having dashes in them (bad split stmts