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WebCal Hacks Archive  

Here you go...

  • WebCal Facility Manager - Online system to allow employees to reserve time for a facility. Sent in by a Princeton Intern, .

  • The WebKids WebCal - wrote in to let me know they had released a modification of WebCal and that they were providing the source code to anyone who might be interested.

  • Bug Fix for WebCal Modify and Delete - have you been having trouble with modifications and deletions? Here is the reason why and a fix!

  • Previous/Next Month Buttons Simplified - previous and next month links on the calendar to make navigation just a little bit easier.

  • Implementing Monthly Databases for Web Cal

  • Assorted Hacks on WebCal by Bruce batten. these are a bunch of small, but useful changes that many might want to implement.

  • The Marlboro Calendar Hacks - added a bunch of fantastic features to the WebCalendar including:
    • 1) displayed times for calendar events,
    • 2) color-coded and user-selectable categories of events,
    • 3) printable version of calendar, with selectable fonts and sizes,
    • 4)daily updated .html version of calendar, which loads quickly,
    • 5)monthly event databases, again for speed considerations,
    • 6) duplication of events, in addition to usual creation/modification.
    The documentation is available here.

  • FrameCal - has set up a wonderful site to document his changes to webCal. One of the coolest hacks is the addition of a "recurring events" routine.

  • WebCal Administrator - made quite a few modifications to WebCal in order to make the group/user/admin functions work more smoothly. He also added plenty of great changes.

  • Calendar Planner Hack - Haven't you always wanted a "weekly view" to WebCal? How about "next" and "previous" butons? Well, Alex Cai sent in the code for us all!

  • Adding 1/2 Hour Increments and Custom Subject Font Color to WebCal - sent in this report of how he modified the calendar to include 1/2 hour increments (and another hack to allow the user to define FONT color.

  • WebCal+ - sent in this modification that generates calendars allowing multiple users to view, add to, modify, and delete. Administrative tasks are incorporated, as well as security, allowing public (read only) access, and two levels of interaction with the calendar. This script allows multiple calendar configurations to be used for different topics, all running off of the same master script.

  • Chuck Mayo's Multiple View Calendar - Some excellent modifications to change the views in the calendar like an events list & thumbnail calendars.

  • WebCal in German - Check out this excellent translated application and documentation explaining how it was done.

  • Documentation on installing scripts (particularly WebCal) on a Windows web server from