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cool hacks
Mail & MailingListManager Hacks Archive  

These hacks are really cool!

  • Session timeout for MLM - A script to handle session timeout.

  • MLM image handling fix - A script to handle image forms as well as standard forms for submission.
  • MLM with Customisable Headers and Footers - Awesome hack!

  • Standard Footers for MailingListManager - How to include a standard footer in all mailing list mails sent out.

  • Solving the Email from "Nobody" Problem - have you wondered why some servers seem to always send emails from "nobody"? Well here is the solution!

  • Windows Email Daemon - solves the problem of non-scalable windows email clietns which may die when sending dozens of simultaneous emails out of a CGI app.

  • Multiple Announcement Mailing List - Check out this cool modification for multiple announcements with Mailing List Manager.

  • Mail Hijack - This hack is used to replace mail-lib.pl when you are testing scripts on a local server and do not want the mail routines to cause errors.

  • sent in this set of extensions to the MAIL libraries. James added Blat and PGP libraries for your convenience.

  • Mail Penguin - Excellent Mail sorting app by which polls multiple POP boxes periodically, then retrieves any waiting mail it finds, and compares header information against the contents of several different files in order to determine who's supposed to get each piece of mail, and finally delivers it, by direct disk write if possible, or by having an SMTP conversation otherwise. (It could as easily have a conversation with a local delivery agent.)

  • Quick Mail - Fire off email to a list of email addresses. Please do not use this to SPAM!

  • Sorting the Mailing List File - Here is a quick little scriptlet that will sort the contents of your mailing list. I use the script in order to delete duplicate entires.

  • Modifications to sendmail_lib.pl

  • JavaScript Email Validation - This bit of JavaScript can be used to validate email fields on an HTML form on the client side. This is useful if you want to prevent totally spurious entries.