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Stock Depot - Connecting Clients Hassle Free with WebBBS  
did a fantastic job installing the BBS for StockDepot and had the following comments on its success...

The BBS Script was originally intended to simply add some functionality to the Stockdepot.com website. The old BBS script had limited features, and was very unstable.

Stockdepot gets around 1000-5000 hits per day to their "Forum," and there have been 0 reports of the BBS crashing. In fact, I haven't had to do any maintenance to this board since I set it up.

The board itself is quite simple to set up. I had no CGI-PERL experience, and was able to complete the setup with minimal difficulty. Once running, visitors quickly adapted to the new option to "Search" for specific information, as well. Stockdepot was happy to have a script that was reliable, could handle a large volume of visitors, and was customizeable to match their image. Stockdepot is looking at implementing the next BBS script that eXtropia.com releases.