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Why eXtropia's Applications are Better than the Competitors  
"Although this has been said many times in different ways, the major benefit of this software (web store) is in its editable code.

Internet software, due to the rapid change of the environment, requires a number of updates every 4-6 months. The software comes as a development application, and needs tweaking to be able to work efficiently for each client.

I have used this software since late 1996, and currently have 9 versions of the software running for 9 different parties. At the same time, some of the same clients invested in very heavy duty enterprise software created in cusom code for a very high price.

Drawbacks to the expensive software were that only a new version could give upgrades, however minor. Meanwhile, the internet customer would be the one paying in terms of time lost due to weak code. Thanks, Selena and Gunther.

You may quote me on this: This code works extremely well because of its Open Source nature."