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Introducton to Web Design
Just a Quick Note  
  • Just a quick note before we dive into the really fun stuff...

  • Truthfully, you do not really need a book or a tutorial to learn HTML. In fact, you have hundreds of thousands of excellent examples from which you can learn for free.

  • Any good web designer should spend a certain amount of time per week simply browsing the web, scanning for neat new ideas and bookmarking the sites where they are to be found.

  • When you find a good site, take some time to "view the source" of the web page.

  • Every web browser has a "view source" option from the menu bar that allows you to read the actual HTML code that generated a page you are looking at.

  • With the HTML source in hand, you can easily reverse engineer even the most complex HTML page designs.

  • So long as you do not steal content outright, the "sharing" of design tricks is one of the foundations upon which the web was built. A courteous thank you note is probably in order when you utilize complex and cool design ideas though :)

  • That said, let's get into some of the fun features of advanced HTML....

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