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Introducton to Web Design
Modifying Text  
  • Well as you can see, the basic HTML tags create a pretty darn boring web page. However, HTML includes quite a few other formatting tags to make things look more interesting.

  • The most basic of these tags affect how text in the body of your document looks.

  • There are three types of text modification tags: those that size text, those that position text, and those that apply text styles.

  • It is important to realize however, that style-based tags go against the original intent of HTML by going beyond simple logical-structure descriptions and into presentation.

  • Some of the methods we are about to discuss, such as using the <BLOCKQUOTE> tag to align text or using the <B> tag to force text to be bolded, are "officially" bad form. In fact, some browsers which apply HTML standards with rigor may not even pay attention to your code.

  • However, most web developers find that pure HTML is simply too limited to do what they need. Thus, by convention, the most popular web browsers have been expanded to allow the web designer more control over style and presentation.

  • In the next couple of slides we will discuss some of those style/presentation conventions. But always remember that whenever possible, stick with the logical-definition tags instead of the presentation-definition tags.

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