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Introducton to Web Design
Image Size  
  • Image size is controlled by the WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes.

  • It is a good idea for you to always include these values because when they are defined, the web browser will know how much space to leave for the image and can continue to display the rest of the page while the image loads. Otherwise, text does not appear until after the images have loaded, and it is no fun waiting for graphics on a 28.8 modem!

  • The height and width need not be the actual height and width of the images either. The web browser will scale images to fit in the space you define with the HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes.

  • The attributes are applied as usual. The following example shows an image sized to its true size and the same image scaled:

  • Here is the code I used to produce the images above:

<IMG SRC = "afraid_icon.gif" WIDTH = "36"
HEIGHT = "39">
<IMG SRC = "afraid_icon.gif" WIDTH = "100"
HEIGHT = "80">

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