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Introducton to Web Design
Complex Frames  
  • In real life, most uses of frames involve a combination of rows and columns. Thus, you will want to be familiar with a more complex frame structure design. Let's look at an example of a common design pattern that can be seen in operation at Selena Sol's Scripts Archive.

  • In this example, you can see that there are three frames divided into two columns. The column on the left is a viewer frame used for reading web site information. The column on the right is divided into two rows and is used for navigation. The top row is a clickable image that points to the homepage. The bottom row is a table of contents for the site.

  • Here is the code:
<TITLE>Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Script
Archive and Resource Library</TITLE>
<FRAMESET COLS = "141, *" BORDER = "0">
<FRAMESET ROWS = "97, *" BORDER = "0">
  <FRAME SRC = "home.html" SCROLLING = "no">
  <FRAME SRC = "toc.html" SCROLLING = "auto">
  <FRAME NAME = "main"
         SRC =  "/Scripts_archive/index.cgi">

  • Notice that we will follow design logic very similar to the tables within tables idea. In this case, we will set a frame of rows within a frame of columns.

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