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Introducton to Web Design
Frame-Based Pages  
  • With the introduction of Netscape Navigator 2.0 came a whole host of new HTML tricks that really spiced things up. Perhaps the most interesting, but poorly utilized feature was the frame.

  • Frames allow you to work with the browser window itself. Not only can you clone other windows for your usage, but you can also divide up a single window into separate frames that can each access separate HTML pages.

  • Go ahead and check out the Selena Sol Scripts Archive that uses frames in its navigation.

  • Notice first that we popped up that web page in a separate window. This new window is fully featured and even has its own history list.

  • Now, on the Scripts Archive, try navigating around the site using the table of contents frame on the left. Notice that what you do in the table of contents frame guides what happens in the main frame. What's more, the table of contents frame does not get replaced. It is always there to make sure you do not get lost in the fairly complex site displayed in the right hand frame.

  • So how is this done?

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