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Introducton to Adobe Photoshop
Real World Example  

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PHASE II-A: Rainbow Facade Preparation

This section will take you from the previously created "Under Painting" to a "Colorized 3-D" stage.

  1. Duplicate Safeguard
  2. Reduce Contrast
  3. Add Noise
  4. Add 3D (Bas Relief)
  5. Lighten and Preview
  6. Colorize
  7. Rename

1...Duplicate Safeguard

Duplicate the master image for safety, comparison, and quick access ("drag" the Background layer to the "Create New Layer" icon).

The new layer Background copy becomes the "Work Layer".

Create New Layer

2...Reduce Contrast: Image > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast...

  • Contrast set to value (-31).

Reduce Contrast

3...Add Noise: Filter > Noise > Add Noise...

  • Uniform set to value (17).

Add Noise

4...Add 3D (Bas Relief)

  • Set the foreground color to black and set the background color to white (the default state).

    Click on the following Toolbox icon. default foreground/background color

  • Filter > Sketch > Bas Relief
    • Detail set to value (9).
    • Smoothness set to (5).
    • Light Direction set to (Bottom).

Add Depth

5...Lighten and Preview

  • Eliminate the "marching ant" Selections outline (Ctrl+D).
  • Add a black background behind the 3-d shape.
    • Add a new layer (click on "Create New Layer").
    • Move the new layer below the 3-d shape layer ("drag" to the new layer position).
    • Select the entire layer (Ctrl+A).
    • Fill with black (Edit > Fill... Use: Black).

  • Lighten The Shape
    (Image > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast...)
    • Brightness set to (+16).
    • Contrast set to (-7).



Add color (Image > Adjust > Hue / Saturation...)

  • Check select Colorize.
  • Check select Preview.
  • Hue set to value (-133).
  • Saturation set to value (40).



  • Double click on the "Work Layer".
  • "Layer Options" Dialog box opens.
  • Rename Background copy to Colorized.

This completes the Preparation phase. Next is the Rainbow Facade creation.

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