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introduction to web programming
Exercise Two  
Okay that was quite a big chunk at once. Why not take 30 minutes to practice building an HTML FORM. Make sure you experiment with all of the widgets. You might even put the whole form in an HTML table if you want it to look organized. Here is an example of what you are after:

First Name
Last Name
User Name
Gender Man
OS Proficiency
(Select all that apply)
Language Skills
(Select all that apply)

  • The code for the above example is shown below:

    <TABLE BORDER = "1" WIDTH = "400" CELLPADDING = "5">
    <TH>First Name</TD>
    <TD><INPUT TYPE = "TEXT" SIZE = "20"
                             NAME = "fname"></TD>
    <TH>Last Name</TD>
    <TD><INPUT TYPE = "TEXT" SIZE = "20"
                             NAME = "lname"></TD>
    <TH>User Name</TD>
    <TD><INPUT TYPE = "TEXT" SIZE = "20"
                            NAME = "uname"></TD>
                            NAME = "pass"></TD>
    <TD><INPUT TYPE = "RADIO" NAME = "gender"
                            VALUE = "man"> Man
    <BR><INPUT TYPE = "RADIO" NAME = "gender"
                            VALUE = "woman"> Woman<TD>
    <TH>OS Proficiency <BR>
        <FONT SIZE = "1">(Select all that apply)</FONT>
                        NAME = "mac_checked" VALUE = "yes"> Mac
                        NAME = "pc_checked" VALUE = "yes"> PC
                        NAME = "unix_checked"
                        VALUE = "yes"> UNIX</TD>
    <TH>Language Skills <BR>
    <FONT SIZE = "1">(Select all that apply)
    <TD><SELECT NAME = "language" SIZE = "3"
    <TD><TEXTAREA NAME = "comments"
                          COLS = "20" ROWS = "5">
    <INPUT TYPE = "SUBMIT" VALUE = "Submit Info">
    <INPUT TYPE = "RESET" VALUE = "Clear Form">

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