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Introduction to Web Programming
Event Modifiers  
  • Finally, the event's modifier field is used to tell what the state of the keyboard modifiers are when a mouse or key event occurs. The modifier's field may include any of the masks shown in the following table.

Event Mask Description
SHIFT_MASK the shift key is held down.
CTRL_MASK the control key is held down.
META_MASK the meta key is held down or the third mouse button is pressed.
ALT_MASK the alt key is held down.

  • As an example, if you want to know the state of the shift key when the mouse button is pressed, you can check the modifier's field as follows:

    public boolean handleEvent(Event event)
        if (event.id == Event.MOUSE_DOWN)
            if ((event.modifiers & Event.SHIFT_MASK) > 0)
                System.out.println("Shift is down during press");
                System.out.println("Shift is up during press");
        return super.handleEvent(event);

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