Introduction to Web Programming Building a Cab File

Parameter Commend
L Used to list the contents of a cabinet.
N Used to create a cabinet file.
X Used to extract single or multiple files from the cabinet.
-c Confirms the files to be operated upon
-o Overwrites without confirming when extracting
-m Sets the type of compression to use to LZX:<15..21>, MSZIP, or NONE. The default is MSZIP
-p Used to preserve path names
-P Used to strip a specified prefix from files when they are added
-r Used to recurse into subdirectories when adding files
-s Used to reserve space in the cabinet for signing. For example, -s 6144 reserves 6k.
-I Used to set the ID of the cabinet when creating a cabinet. The default is 0.

Cabarc Commands

CABARC Options

Referencing your Cabinet

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