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We have a variety of documents that describe our open source tools. The eXtopia ADT is designed so that you be able to install most apps quickly and easily. There are times when you will want to know more about the ADT, WebDB, or even Perl. Inside the docs we share simple installation methods as well as more complex technical information. How far we go depends on how far you go.

FAQ Database | eXtropia ADT Guide | WebDB Guide | ADT Specifications

FAQ Database

Get answers fast! Search by keywords and categories.

eXtropia ADT Guide

The ADT Guide is the installation and setup manual for our applications. Learn how to setup an app in 12 Simple Steps. Are the twelve steps not working? Learn how to debug CGI scripts. Once setup, find out about changing the look and feel, web security, and MySQL.

WebDB Guide

The WebDB Guide is a supplement for the ADT Guide. It also demonstrates the 12 Simple Steps to Installation Nirvana. Setup already and want to change the way things work? Find out how.

ADT Specifications

These important documents discuss "Why should I use this application?" From there, we convince you with a demonstration of each View you will find in the Default configuration. Each View is discussed in detail along with a list of important variables.