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presentations: Bridging Mod_Perl to Other Persistent Perl Environments
Presentations by eXtropia CTO Gunther Birznieks  

Mod_perl is one of the most popular engines for producing fast web apps. But there are other players out there including SpeedyCGI, FastCGI, Velocigen, and PerlEx. Unfortunately, they all have differences in how they handle issues of executing a persistent Perl program compared to mod_perl.

For those the develop applications for use in many environments, this talk goes over all the issues and solutions to writing a fast mod_perl application that is also compatible with the differences for other environments that can be used to speed up your Perl application. Topics include how to deal with database connection caching, registering cleanup handlers, as well as general coding techniques across many persistent Perl interpreters.

Originally presented at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference July 2001.

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