A Java Front-End To CGI/Perl
Gunther Birznieks & Selena Sol
Java applets can create interfaces that go beyond the capability of HTML form tags, Javascript and VBScript. However, Java applets are limited in their capability of doing practical things such as connecting to databases, sending email, etc. The JavaCGIBridge project leverages the strengths of using Perl to connect to databases and perform application logic while using Java's superior GUI building facilities to provide a more user-friendly front-end to CGI/Perl scripts.

Problems with CGI/Perl alone

HTML forms have a minimal interface Hard to maintain state between forms

Redundant data frequently needs to be re-retrieved between HTML forms

Problems with Java alone

Bloated Applet Problem Java is hard! Security "Sandbox" restricts what applets can do Problems with Java Applets

JavaCGIBridge Solution

CGI/Perl advantages

Java advantages

Nuts And Bolts

CGI/Perl Specs

Java Specs

Discussion Forum

  • JavaCGIBridge Discussion Forum among other Selena Sol Scripts Archive Forums.

  • Working Examples

    These two examples are included in the distribution. They show the CGI application as well as the JAVA front end. The Applets were built using the JavaCGIBridge and the existing CGI.

  • ReverseString

  • Power of Two

  • Source Code

    [TAR] javacgibridge.tar
    [CMP] javacgibridge_tar.gz
    [TXT] readme.installation
    [TXT] readme.usage
    [TXT] COM.Extropia.net.JavaCGIBridge
    [TXT] COM.Extropia.net.JavaCGIBridgeTimeOutException
    [TXT] JavaCGIBridge Documentation (JavaDOC)

    O'Reilly Perl Conference Presentation August 1997

    JavaCGIBridge Overview talk given at Perl97 in PowerPoint 95 Format (zipped).

    JavaCGIBridge Overview talk in Adobe PDF Format. Use Adobe Acrobat to read this document.

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