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sent in the following hack:

See the code changes below.

I've made a successful addition to Extropia::Core::DataHandler::Date that I think some people will find useful. It's a datahandler method called 'isTimeInRange' used to check that a time is within a valid range. For the webcal.cgi program it can be used to validate that the times selected (in start_date and end_date) are within the valid working hours. I tried to design the pattern matching to be as flexible as possible without using Date::Calc or Date::Manip.

The reason I created this method was that I notice whenever a webcal.cgi data entry begins 'before' the @valid_working_hours it is not shown on the 'Day View'! (Bug?) But, the entry is shown on the Month and Year Views. I believe this is a bug, but I'm not sure where the problem is yet. It's either in the DisplayDayViewAction.pm or maybe in Extropia::Core::WebCal.pm - method GetDataForSelectedDay perhaps.

Code Changes