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Product Detail Page Hack  
sent in the following hack for WebStore!

This hack will allow your database driven store to have a more detailed product page. This is good if you are wanting to display a larger photo or a detailed description, etc. I tried to explain this as clearly as I could, its quite involved. Good luck...

1. The first step is too save a duplicate web_store.cgi file but call it something else.(ex details.cgi) We'll edit this later.

2. Set up your @sc_db_index_for_display and $sc_product_display_row in the setup file like you normally would. This would be what you want the initial display to be, the display without the extra details.

3. Now create a seperate set of variables, this time with the more detailed display. You'll have to name those something else as well. (e.g. @sc_db_index_for_displayB and $sc_product_display_rowB)

4. In details.cgi or whatever you named the duplicate web_store.cgi, you'll have to edit a few things so the script will look for those new variables created in step 3 above.

- At around line 1980, look for something that says...

  foreach $display_index (@sc_db_index_for_display)
Change the @sc_db_index_for_display part to match your new 2nd variable from step 3 (ex @sc_db_index_for_displayB)

- Next at around 2060 look for...

    printf ($sc_product_display_row,
and change the $sc_product_display_row part to again match step 3 (ex $sc_product_display_rowB)

5. Now all you have to do is create a search request link pointing to details.cgi like this...

<A HREF="details.cgi?search_request_button=yes&keywords=PRODUCT_ID_HERE&cart_id =$cart_id">click for more details</A>

You would probably stick this at the bottom of $sc_product_display_row and plug in a %s where product_id would go after keywords.

A few tips for the "click for more details" link

  • Be sure to adjust the search variables in the setup file so the search function will search through your product_ids
  • You may also lose your cart id when the more details link is clicked. If this occurs simply move your $sc_product_display_row directly into the web_store.cgi. Right before the line...
    printf ($sc_product_display_row,