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Bug fix for Jeff Walters' MySQL WebStore hack  
sent in the following bug fix...

Someone recently sent me an email message concerning a problem they were having with my JJW.cc version of the Web store. The problem involved an "Image Button Bug" which everyone should know about. The error/problem was this: The shopping cart was a "super cart" type which used an Image Button for the "Submit Quantity Changes". Sometimes when submitting changes the user would receive a "Bad Change Quantity" Error Message --- even though the quantity change numbers were obviously greater than zero! As some of you already realize, browsers will return name/value pairs (into %form_data) for the x and y coordinates of where the image button was click on ( x=3, y=0 for example). The problem was that the browser was sending coordinate values for x and y which in some cases were zero. This caused the code in sub "modify_quantity_of_items_in_cart" to think that there was a change quantity of zero, producing the "Bad Change Quantity" Error Message . This fix is very simple: In web_store.cgi find the subroutine "modify_quantity_of_items_in_cart": Change the IF statement: if ((($key =~ /[\d]/) && ($form_data{$key} =~ /\D/)) || $form_data{$key} eq "0") to: if (($key =~ /[\d]/ && $form_data{$key} =~ /\D/) || ($key =~ /[\d]/ && $form_data{$key} eq "0")) That's it.