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cool hack
Logon from any view  
sent in the following cool and radical hack...

I think you'll like this little trick, since it is easy and makes the program powerful. Yes, It is just a simple trick, but it really works great! The trick is, if they do not use the "Logon" link, the original cgi is used. If they use the link, the logon.cgi calls up the logon screen, and after that, all other calls will again call up the original cgi for everything else. However, everything else is still the same in both cgi's, unless you make them different somehow. Here's how to do this: Just copy your cgi and name the new cgi "logon.cgi". Go inside the new "logon.cgi" and change it to read: -REQUIRE_AUTH_FOR_SEARCHING_FLAG => 1, NEXT, Go to the FramesView or PageTopView (for global effect), or your SimpleSearchBox (or where ever you want this LINK) and put in this link:(check your path, my path may be different than yours). <P ALIGN = "LEFT"><font SIZE="-2"> <A HREF="http://www.yourNAME.com/cgi-bin/webdb/logon.cgi"><B>"Logon"</B></A> </font></P> That's all there is to it!! Paul M.