cool hacks WebStore Super Cart Hack fix sent in the following fix...

I just tried that great 'Super cart' hack and noticed that if you 
want to change a quantity and if you change quantity to zero you get
that info page where is said that quantity change was wrong. (must be more than zero...)
Well, if you press the back button you will get an empty quantity box to section 'Delete' !!
There should be read that delete button not that box! So, easy way to do that right is that
you put in following text.
Replace previous text with this one.(Somewhere in line 600-700)
sub bad_order_note
  local($button_to_set) = @_;
  $button_to_set = "try_again" if ($button_to_set eq "");
  print qq!
  <font size="-1" face="helvetica,arial">Error<br>
I'm sorry, it appears that you did not enter a valid numeric quantity...(Your whole error message here.)
  <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="< Back" onClick="javascript: history.go(-1)">

Well that's all folks. I hope I made myself clear enough to explain that error.(my english could be better :-)
But try and you know what I ment.
Best regards
Pasi Pauanne