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WebStore/Cybercash Integration  
put together some fantastic documentation on hooking WebStore up to CyberCash. He was kind enough to send it for me to post here for everyone to learn from!

Selena Sol's Web_store & Cybercash by David Ralph


authonly_gen.pl The Cybercash script (AuthCapture merchant, credit card transactions only) that I modified.

Note: If you are deemed an AuthCapture merchant by Cybercash you must use authcapture_gen.pl. I don't have this one set-up but you should be able to copy code from authonly_gen.pl

web_store_order_lib.pl Selena Sol's web_store_order_lib.pl script from the Web_store/Library directory with modifications.

web_store.setup file modification code The Web Store Set-up file (web_store.setup.db or whichever one you used) located in Web_store/Library needs slight modification.

You probably don't need the below HTML templet. Your's should work fine. I put it here because I made changes and you might find them useful somehow.

outlet_order_form_with_shipping.html The Selena Sol's HTML templet from the Web_store/HTML directory with modifications. You can use outlet_order_form.html, just the same if you format it like this script).

I have documented the scripts so you should be able to follow what I've done.

Process Overview

I have Selena Sol's Web_store working now and interfaced with Cybercash. Since I only want credit cards to be captured I used the original authcapture_gen.pl script that Cybercash offers and modified it. I still use Web_store's submit form with a few modifications and Web_store's web_store_order_lib.pl script with some code additions that I made. I also had to make a slight code change to the Web Store Set-up file (web_store.setup.db or whichever one you used). If you are already familiar with Selena Sol's Web_store then you should be able to follow the described process below.

Ready to purchase....... Once the buyer submits the Web_store order form the standard Web_store reply pops up notifying the buyer if any fields were missed. If any fields were missed it does not allow the submission process to go further, obviously. If the fields were all filled out OK then the outputted page displays the buyers information and also has this info embedded into the HTML with hidden tags.

From this point the buyer gives a final check and submits the page with its hidden fields to the authcapture_gen.pl script. Authcapture_gen.pl does the interfacing with the Cybercash merchant server and spits back weather the credit card transaction wa s approved or not. I have modified the authcapture_gen.pl script to do all the leg work of E-mailing the order to the shipper minus the credit card number of course, we don't want the credit card to go out through unencripted e-mail. This way if the cre dit card is denied you don't get a bogus order that waste your time. I have also modified the authcapture_gen.pl script to send the buyer a "thank you" or a "whoops!, bad card". It works very well. Everything works with modifications to just two scripts and one HTML template. It all runs on a secure server.

There could be some security issues that need to be looked into. If anyone can inform me of security problems that might exist I would be great full.

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