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Product-Page with Graphical Option for Web_store  
sent in the following hack:

Web_store is a shopping-cart system. The well documented public domain scribt collection can be downloaded at: http://www.extropia.com

This hack was written by Ralf Mond (). We are an e-commerce agency in Barcelona / Spain. For more information see: http://pixel-work.com (available February 2000).

"Graphical Option" means, that you can select an option by a click on a hyperlink. This Selection changes:

  • The value of an option field.
  • The Image shown on your Product-Page.
  • The Image shown in the cart-table if you add the product to your cart.

Like any other hyperlink, this link can be connected to an image (of course, you can also use a text-link). In this example I use an ImageMap for the links. To test this example, you need a running Web_store. If you do so, you can add this example to your store like any other HTML product-page.

For editing the page, see the comments on the page itself.