radical hacks Multiple Modifications to WebStore (or any WebDB) Database submitted this hack to the WebDB manager program. His modification allows one the ability to modify several prices at one time. With some slight modification one could also change any field with this hack.

After your database is setup; changing prices is probably the most common task used by managers. In the original version, one must search for the record, click to indicate which record to modify, enter the new field data, then submit changes. This is fine and works well. However, what if one needs to modify the prices for an entire category or database for that matter? Ronnie modified the database manager program so managers could modify multiply prices with one click of the button.

Most of the changes are in the database.setup file. Here is an overview of what needs to be added and modified. First, we need a "Modify Prices" button on the front page. This command will display the generic search form, after search criteria is enterd, the user submits the search and the Modify Price form is displayed. The user will make price changes and submit the changes.

Click here to download instructions.