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Bug fix for "Next 10 Hits Web Store Hack"  
sent in the following bug fix!

This is a 'fix' of Herb Halstead's final version of his Next/Previous Buttons hack. For myself and others, none of the Next/Previous Button scripts would work.

Once the first Next button was pressed, the store would then just start listing the entire database, apparently forgetting the search criteria. I fixed that, plus I made it so the the '1-25 of 62' line is visible even if the Next/Previous buttons aren't needed, so the customer can see the total search result count no matter how many there are.

Also, the 'last' Next button accurately calculates and shows on it the actual number of results on the next page, for example [Next 4>>] when there are only 4 results on the last page. Finally, the should be flexible in that it doesn't use and hardcoded numbers; everything is calculated off $total_rows_returned, $sc_db_max_rows_returned and $hits_seen, so that you just plug the code in and it works accurately with your current settings.

Download the script here!