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Sample Inventory Database and Modifications  
Here is the code and here is what Arthur sent in.....

"The modifications I made to Commerce.cgi were the result of a development project for my client, a fabric wholesaler looking expand his business to the Internet. Previously he was offering samples of fabric in response to written and telephone queries. No one could see the fabrics until they received their samples.

The first step was to get his inventory on computer into a MS access database from which we developed VB code to create an html enhanced "data.file" ..Within the macrocode, we embedded HTML tags into the description field, to add additional information required for his business. By doing this we were to add several logical fields to the physical description field of data.file. The macro was built using the design view and then I used the SQL view to cut and paste the code into the macro design.

I modified the commerce.cgi code to make the system a one button free sample ordering system. See screenshot in sampleinventory.gif. The potential customer now had the ability to see a picture of the fabric, plus on hand quantities, and other relevant info.

I'm sorry I can't post the entire database since it is a custom written product and is the property of my client. In this zip package I included the three tables, the macro and VB code. With these, you can see the full functionality. If you wish to see the complete webstore functionality, just email me and I'll send you the URL. Please respect my client's wishes not to be a demo site. Thanks.