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CityShop WebStore Hacks  
The CITY Shopping project has done extensive customization work on the Web Store and has ongoing documentation and modifications at the link above. However, I took a snapshot of their currnt state on 10OCT99 (check the link above for the latest and greatest) below:

This script started from the Selena Sol's Web_Store, as a multi-language hack. With the time, we added features, cleaned up bugs, and we decided to offer it as a version of our own.

The CITY Shopping script has the following features:

  • central script engine and unlimited, fully customizable satellite shops
  • embedded authentication module with session file interlocked to the cart file
  • multiple data file design
  • automatic page generation or HTML pages, saved in a protected area
  • options saved in a separate data file
  • language support for script and for the data structure
  • multiple currency support (especially interesting for the European market)
  • shipping by weight, zip code, or value
  • access and error logging
  • backorder function, customizable clearance items policy
  • support for discount and sales tax by zip and/or customer
  • search function customizable on database fields
  • automatic generation of graphic/text links to the product categories
  • Stock management (on sale/clearance), using a separate stock file
  • Cybercash support; also easy addition of any other payment extension
  • order-to-file and order-to-mail, with support for PGP encryption
  • inline images, product pages, inline html frames/no frames switchable
  • support for browser-specific code
  • support for HTML extensions
City Shop Demo Page

Dowload the latest version

Download the source from 10OCT1999