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Another WorldPay Update Hack for WebStore  

sent in the following hack...

To continue the Worldpay saga, I have just modified web_store.setup.db and and real_cc.pl to accept the pre authorisation option.

This allows you to browse the transactions before they are authorised so that you can weed out the bad cards from nigeria/botswana/bosnia etc and avoid paying the commission to the bank and to WorldPay.

You need an id number and an auth code from worldpay and then you insert this in the setup file

$sc_account_id = "nnnnnnnn";
$sc_auth_id = "n";


## allocated by WorldPay
$sc_merchant_id = "nnnnn";

and this in real_cc.pl

    $authMode = $sc_auth_id;
    $accId1 = $sc_account_id;



$instId = $sc_merchant_id;

and this

<input type=hidden name="authMode" value="$authMode">
    <input type=hidden name="accId1" value="$accId1">


print qq!
<form action="$sc_merchant_url" method=POST>

Hope all that is clear.