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Administrative interface script for WebStore  

sent in the following hack which won her the Coolest Hack for June 2000!

	I am sending to you as an attachment to this email one of my enhancements, an
independent script called interface.cgi that creates a browser-run interface
allowing store owners to set and change discounts, shipping charges, and sales
taxes on the web store and to send out mass emails by filling out forms.

The modifications needed to the web_store scripts you distribute are minor and are detailed fully in the installation instructions at the top of the script, with the exception of the email function, which requires the insertion of a chunk of script into the process_order routine that writes customer address info into a database file, rejecting duplicates.

Since this is the first script I have written I must apologize for the fact that many of my approaches are bound to be unwieldy and baroque. Everything works, though. My main concern is that I probably do not fully understand the securities risks involved in creating and using a script like this.

Download the script here!