cool hacks Wale Oki Hack for WebStore sent in the following hack...

Hi there I've just fininished a hack useing wale oki hack for web store . It allow you to have two order forms one designed for people with accounts one with credit cards. Its a bit rough tell me what you think. Thanks Alex

This hack is an add on for the wale oki hack and enables an administrator to set the mobile phone vairable so the user will be directed to a credit card page or an account page. Sorry about the format it was done in a bit of a rush.

Go to Init file edit ezbclubimg.ini find line $sc_html_order_form_path enter below $sc_html_order_account_form_path = "./html/outlet_order_account_form.html"; cd ../library edit find line open (ORDERFORM, "$sc_html_order_form_path") || APPEND VIRTUAL SO IT READS AS FOLLOWS if ($session_phone_mob eq "A") { open (ORDERFORM, "$sc_html_order_acc_form_path") || &file_open_error("$sc_html_order_acc_form_path", "Display Order Form File Error",__VIRTUAL__,__LINE__); } else { open (ORDERFORM, "$sc_html_order_form_path") || &file_open_error("$sc_html_order_form_path", "Display Order Form File Error",__VIRTUAL__,__LINE__); } cd ../html copy outlet_order_form.html to outlet_order_account_form.html edit outlet_order_account_form.html find line Payment Method: <SELECT NAME="17-type_of_card"> Delete all of the option lines apart from <SELECT NAME="17-type_of_card"> <OPTION Value= "Cheque">Cheque </SELECT Append it so it reads <SELECT NAME="17-type_of_card"> <OPTION Value= "Cheque">Account </SELECT Delete other credit card options. Now if any one has an account set the mobile phone value(last value in customer database) to A Alex Botley.
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