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Buy 1 button without hack  
sent in the following hack...

Quoting from her email:

Posting in the Nightmedia, Georghe Chesler gave me a great sollution to the "buy1" button.
You have a hack for this, but the problem in my case, is that I dont want do destroy the old system where you enter the amount.
As said, Georghe sent me this great code, you simply include it in the <a href=""> code,
Vowels&item-2010%7CVowels%7C15.98%7CThe%20letter%20A%7CL%25%25a.jpg%7C2=1&add_to_cart_button=on This is an output code, so you have to rewrite it abit, in my case it looks like this: "web_store.cgi?&amp;cart_id=;product=Satelittmotakere&item-30530%7CSatelittmotakere%7C1890.00%7CAnalog Strong SRT%7CHtml/Images/img/30530.gif=1&add_to_cart_button=on" Product category : Satelittmotakere Product item : 30530 Product display text for the "view cart" : Analog Strong SRT Image link info : Html/Images/img30530.gif The amount you want to buy is set to 1, look right after the image link . you could easily make a buy 3button if you change 1 to 3. It must be said that I have implemented one more value in the script, so that you might need to add/remove 1 of the %7C 's , im not sure, but I had to alter the original Georghe code , so you might need to look at his example. But it works! Kim Steinhaug www.steinhaug.com(Personal flashed web page - Norwegian) www.agder-renhold.no/butikk (Web_store.cgi) kim@steinhaug.com