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Editable WebGuestbook/Classified Ad Manager  
sent in this hack....

I wrote this hack a while back, it is a combination of your db manager and guestbook. Essentially, it allows you to edit the contents of a Guestbook.

It is mainly a flat-file database manager. It allows you to add/delete/change the file and then update an HTML page to reflect the new contents.

You create a template file and insert a Tag to identify where to put the contents of the guestbook or classified ads.

When you select "Update Web Site", the script creates the rows of an HTML table containing the contents of the database in the file "classifieds.table".

It then copies this information into the template and saves it as an html page.

I think it is a good classified ads page because:

  1. It is easy to edit,
  2. You can submit the contents of the page to a search engine,
  3. It loads faster than a db driven page.