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Implementing a Classified Ad System using WebGuestbook  
sent in this very inventive hack....here is what he had to say...

I just added code to handle radio buttons in cgi-lib.sol and if statement to chek values of those radios in guestbook.cgi. That way it can sort form input under correct subheaders (For Sale and Wanted to buy in my case) inside the html. file.

There is also some "cosmetic" modifications in guestbook.setup.cgi and guestbook.html. And I have also remname some of those files.


Installation of these scripts is just the same as it is with Your original guestbook scripts.

I include modified files in an tar archive

And here is a list of files in that tar archive:

  • cgi-lib.pl
  • cgi-lib.sol
  • classifieds.cgi
  • classifieds.admin.cgi
  • classifieds.html
  • mail-lib.pl
  • classifieds.setup.cgi