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Miscellaneous Guestbook Hacks  
sent in the following hack that does the following:

  • guestbook.cgi -- Hack to handle hard wraps on the TEXTAREA comments section. This improves display of the comments section, allowing the user more control over how the input is displayed in the guestbook. ALSO, (in guestbook.setup.cgi) added a feature that inserts a checkbox beside the email entry box, to allow the user to check whether or not they want their email address shown at all on the guestbook page, and in guestbook.cgi, the handling ot that variable.

  • mail-lib.pl -- Added a fourth sendmail location /bin/sendmail. Also fixed the part where real_send_mail would not include the subject of the email in the subject, but instead inserted it in the body of the message, leaving a blank subject coming into the email client.

  • Cosmetic changes -- Changed code in both guestbook.cgi and guestbook_setup.cgi to Arial Point Size 10 font. "Tablized the display" to a centered table 600 pixels wide.