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cool hacks
WebExam Hacks Archive  

Check these cool hacks out...

  • MultipleChoice 2.0 into QuizTest 3.0 - Someone modified and hacked the MultipleChoice 2.0 and made it into QuizTest 3.0!

  • Assorted Hacks for Multiple Choice Grader - includes
    • logging hacker's ip address and isp information to find out penetration.
    • enable feature to dynamically and randomly load up different exams and give grading accordingly. (Which may just rely on the abs ( ) and rand ( ) function from perl library).
    • ability to generate a random password or crypted password and sent to user via email. (Compared to statical registration method which is currently implemented)
    • add a time counter that track time on screen and give alarm to client is time is almost finish.

  • Quizmaker - sent in this awesome hack. The script prompts the user through a series of questions and menu options to generate a quiz. First, several installation parameters are set (e.g., the quiz name, URL, etc.), and then the user enters quiz questions and answers. Multiple choice, matching, true/false, and fill-in question formats are supported. Finally, the Quizmaker script uses all the inputted information to create a quiz. The quiz is created in a new directory (by default as a subdirectory of c:/temp) that contains all the files need to administer the quiz. All the user needs to do to activate the quiz is copy the directory to a PERL-friendly http server and set up links to the quiz questions and results forms.

  • LqidSkin's Multiple Choice Mailer Hack - This add-on code will allow you to receive email bulletins from every person who takes an exam. You need not fumble through the log files in order to keep track of people's progress.