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Translation on the fly with WebDB  
sent in this email which documents how they modified WebDb to provide on-the-fly translation....

In writing infopages for China, I faced the problem that some services needed to be served in four different languages.

What we provide is a database of addresses of translators who specialize in translating Chinese to their own languages.

Thus, in serving our data, we needed to present Chinese speaking people with Chinese results, Germans speaking people with German results, and all the rest in English.

Because of the flexibility of WebDb, I only need to maintain one data file. My master setup file has been modified with a "Translation Table" and references to this table. Then I made 3 copies of the setup file and changed the contents of the "Translation Table".

The idea is to make as many references to this "Translation Table", as possible. Not only are the actual database contents translated, but also the header, footer, and hyperlinks to different language versions of other pages are changed as well.

Click here for the actual code which makes it work!