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sent in the following hack...

Here's another small but useful (?) hack. It will allow you to have unique welcome/header graphics for each chat room.

Place this image tag within "chat-html.pl" -- I put it within the chat form, but you may also want to use it in replace of the welcome message that is displayed at the top of the chat window.

<img src="$chat_room.jpg" border="0" alt="$chat_room_name">

Next, you must create a graphic for each room, and name it based on the "$chat_room_variable" field, which is the short-cut reference for the script.

So if this appears in my chat.setup file:

@chat_rooms = ("The Lobby", "The Restaurant");
@chat_room_directories = ("chat_lobby", "chat_rest");
@chat_room_variable = ("lobby", "rest");

... then my two graphics will be "lobby.jpg" and "rest.jpg".

Place these images within the main chat directory (where chat-html.pl is found).

That's it!