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WebAuthenticate Hacks Archive  

Here you go...

  • Auth Notification for WebCal

  • HTTP-LIB User Authentication Hack An excellent user authentication integrationm tool!

    This hack inserts these values into your HTML automatically, on as many pages as you wish. It uses the same technique that inserts the correct cart id and page file name into your HTML, for the obligatory hidden variables on every page.

  • CGIWRAP and WebAuthenticate - Check out this documentation sent in by John Dilley.

  • MD5 Enhanced Authentication - Igancio Bustamante sent in this cool hack to incorporate MD5 into the authentication library.

  • UserManager - Another great hack from . This is used to handle any cgi-auth user lists for the eXtropia suite of web applications. Basic functions for Admin are : 1 - View all users, 2 - Queried view of all users, 3 - Modification of users, 4 - Deletion of users, 5 - Addition of new users, 6 - Email to new user with a hyper link to the authorized site in email, 7 - Set the maximum hits returned for queries, 8 - Allow a link back to the main script. Basic functions for a User are : 1 - Modification of user, 2 - Deletion of user, 3 - Allow link back to the main script.