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Debugging CGIWRAP  
sent in this email which documents how he got around some problems with CGIWRAP.

"My ISP forces all my scripts to go through CGIWRAP which has provided some special challenges to making Web Authenticate work. In addition, all CGI scripts must be in my CGI-BIN or a sub-directory thereof. The secured-CGI bin in Secure-WWW did not work. I spent yesterday afternoon getting everything to work.

The primary issues had to do with paths. In many areas the path is given as relative (./path). CGIWRAP does not like this, replace the . with the full path name (ie http://www.mydomain.com/cgi-bin/auth-lib", not "./auth-lib". I also had to rename the .CGI to .PL, this requires changes to the CGI code as well as the example pages.

The Append To error mentioned in a prior message was fixed by giving a full path to the user.dat file.

Make sure you turn on the debugging header while working on setting this script up. It makes a BIG difference in being able to track down problems.

The ONLY errors I had were getting all the paths just right, and verifying that the permissions were all correct. Check every file and every directory.

I still have been unable to get images in my files to work properly. Since a CGI script is required to return the image does this mean I have to have SSI available? If so, then I may be up a paddle without a crick.