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BBS script "backwards"  

This is a really nice hack! The demo page is also very neatly designed. Anyway, below is the email sent to us. Download the tar file here! He can be reached at


	I turned Your BBS script "backwards", and the result is interactive web
	journal (littlebit like Slashdot but smaller --isn't it?).

	The main function is:

	Anyone can read articles and post follwups to them. But if user register and
	login as a registerd user, it's possible to post own "Cover Stories" to

	I'm not sure wether this cool or not but here is it.

	My modifications are commented in the source.

	And demo (in fact not a demo but live web journal), is available at

	Installation is just about the same as Your original BBS package.

	Sunshine to everybody out there!