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Mail Deamon  
sent in this hack which allows you to run an email deamon for sending out multiple emails simultaneously. This can be very important on a windows serve whichy does not have a scalable sendmail application running on it.

Here is what Ignacio writes....

"There are two scripts contained in this file, one that is the email daemon to be launched as a detached process (that's how they call daemons in Windows jargon):-)

The other is the email library used to send messages in same way as email libraries used by your scripts, the only difference being, that it checks for the existence of a running email process, and based on this will to launch or not the email daemon (once you look at it is quite simple, really)

Both files contain setup variables that must be set, as well as some wimpy instructions and notes. Should have no problem running this scripts with any of your programs. BUT covering my behind: "Use at Your Own Risk"

One last thing. Remember that it only works on Windows NT systems. Perl Modules used: