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cool hacks
sent in the following hack. Here's what he has to say...

	My site is on NT running IIS/4.0, with orders being sent via a separate smtp
	server. I found that there were no To: From: or Sent: fields being displayed
	in the orders, so I came up with the following mods to smtpmail-lib.pl....

	1) the local server time gets written to the tops of each order
	2) I added a variable $smpt_server at the start of the file (to make it
	   easier to define)
	3) And added a To:   From:   field which are added to the message body.

	Mail.pl emails the contents of a text file, message.txt,  to each of the
	email addresses in another text file, mail.list. It has an optional personal
	greeting, opt-out line and uses (using the require function)
	smtpmail-lib.pl. Hope this is useful to someone...