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Perl wireless messaging module  
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Module Name Space: Net::Pager
Current Release: 2.00
Release Date: 08/28/2000
Dependencies: LWP::UserAgent and XML::DOM
Download Descriptive Page Here
Download of Product Here

Net::Pager is a pure perl, global numeric and alphanumeric paging interface
via the Internet.  This client, along with the other tools available from
SimpleWire, provide the the first and only way to interface any brand or
type of pager through one consistent protocol without using the telephone
network. SimpleWire defines a paging standard so that paging technology can
be better utilized.  This new standard, and subsequently this Perl module,
has a great deal of development energy behind it and has full support
available through our website.

Documentation:  Available within the Perl module via Perldoc command -
example Bash$ perldoc Net::Pager

Contact Information:
Phone: (313) 961.4407